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Use of Illustration Campaign

Gold Winner

Entrant: DDB New York, New York

NY Lottery
"Car", "Fireplace", "Ski", "Jacuzzi"

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Corporate Name of Client: New York Lottery
Agency Account Supervisor: Heather Olson
Agency Account Director: Kelly Gorsky
Account Executives: Kemi Adewumi/arina Hesaltine
Agency: DDB New York, New York
Chief Creative Officer: Matt Eastwood
Group Creative Directors: Mike Sullivan/Rich Sharp
Associate Creative Directors: Carlos Wigle/Aron Fried
Copywriter: Rodrigo de Castro
Art Director: Joao Unzer
Graphic Designer: Juan Carlos Pagan
Art Buyer: Jane Piampiano
Illustrator: Ray Oranges

Description of the Project:
Money. We work most of our lives toiling to earn it. And when we’re not busy
making money, we’re thinking about how to save it, stretch it or make it grow.
But what if, let’s say, you won the New York Lottery and money was no longer a
concern? This spot takes a look at what you might think about.