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Consumer Campaign

Bronze Winner

Entrant: Geometry Global, Frankfurt

"Sailor/Nurse/Kiss", "Napalm/Girl/Road", "Chancellor/Knee/Wreath"

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Corporate Name of Client: Leica Camera AG
Client Supervisor: Cyril Thomas
Agency: Geometry Global, Frankfurt
Chief Creative Officer: Christian Mommertz
Creative Directors: Felix Duerichen/Anita Stoll
Associate Creative Director: Jutta Haeussler
Art Directors: Nina Gruen/Sabine Bartels/Mona Pust
Senior Art Directors: Oliver Rapp/Sabine Brinkmann
Senior Copywriter: Philipp von Buttlar
Junior Account Manager: Tim Eisenhauer
Deputy Managing Director: Maik Hofmann

Description of the Project:
1. The Task:
Leica Camera wanted to promote both its exceptional products and unique heritage to their main target audience – by paying their respect to the centenary of small frame photography.
2. The Idea:
We illustrated something suitable to nothing less than mankinds collective visual memory, using no pictures at all... just typography.
We invented the first ad, that automatically starts a search query...
in peoples head.
Containing three words only, the ads made people’s minds immediately search – and find – iconic Leica pictures related to "Sailor/Nurse/Kiss", "Napalm/Girl/Road" and „Chancellor/Knee/Wreath“.