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Use of Typography Campaign


Entrant: serviceplan, Munich

BMW X5 - #DeathValleyMessages Campaign
"Commander of Dynamics", "Control Wizard", "Traction Master", "Twin Turbo"

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Corporate Name of Client: BMW Group
Account Executive: Kristian von Elm
Agency: serviceplan, Munich
Global Chief Creative Officer: Alexander Schill
Executive Creative Director: Maik Kaehler
Creative Directors: Matthaeus Frost/Tom Meifert/Axel Schilling
Copywriter: Tom Meifert
Art Directors: Matthaeus Frost/Axel Schilling
Photographer: Axel Schilling
Executive Creative Producer: Florian Panier
Editor: Michael de Meyer
The Scope Mailing Photographer: Uwe Duettmann

Description of the Project:
The all new BMW X5 can deal with any challenge a driving surface can come up with.
It's made for whatever nature could ask for.
We let nature tell us directly, what it could ask for from the new BMW X5.
We used real-natural-no-postproduction letters we discovered in Death Valley, built out of the typical salt crusts and created the Death Valley messages.
Each letter was marked with the exact geographical coordinates where it is located.
The messages became print ads and also a mailing that led to our blog, where people could download the font and send their own Death Valley messages.