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Use of Illustration Campaign


Entrant: Leo Burnett Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh

Crayola - What's in Your Crayola?
"Red", "Green", "Blue"

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Corporate Name of Client: Viet Tinh Anh Joint Stock Company
Head of Client Services: Le Thanh Thao
Agency: Leo Burnett Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh
Executive Creative Director: Jeremy Southern
Creative Director: John Paul Albito
Art Directors: Turine Tran/Jeremy Southern/John Paul Albito/
    Marc Marcelo/Paolo Garcia
Graphic Designer: Khanh Vu
Illustrator: Turine Tran

Description of the Project:
Crayola approached us and asked us to come up with some visual ads that showcased their colour pencil range. This range is new to Vietnam and has had zero exposure in the market. The brief was simply this. Use the product to create eye-catching visuals that will excite people’s curiosity and get them asking for the brand in-store.
The main challenge was actually creating a visual that just used one colour. Each visual (red, green and blue) features only objects of that one colour. So for example red is full of London buses, Santa Claus, roses etc and blue is full of blue water, blue whales, blue jeans etc. We had to use only one colour in each illustration to create light and shade and a feeling of depth and movement.
The key objective was to make passers-by stop and go wow. Get them really looking at the pictures and spotting different things within the illustrations.
We had the following idea. If you could unscroll a colour pencil and lay it out flat, you would see all the visuals that are waiting to come out of that pencil. The only limit is the imagination of the person doing the drawing.
Once we had this idea, we got our best illustrator and she spent three months drawing all the things that we could imagine for each colour. The result is a crazy, nonsensical world of red, blue and green.