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Media Promotion


Entrant: Havas Worldwide İstanbul, Istanbul

Açık Radyo/Open Radio
"Music of the People"

Corporate Name of Client: Açık Radyo/Open Radio
Head of Client Services: Mali Erdoğan
Agency: Havas Worldwide Istanbul, Istanbul
Chief Creative Officer: Ergin Binyıldız
Copywriter: Merve Selamet
Art Director: Serhat Akavcı
Head of Production: Özge Göksel
Photographer: Harold Feinstein

Description of the Project:
Açık Radyo is a radio station that covers global social and cultural issues as well as airing all types of music from all around the world. They go by the motto "open to all sounds of the universe". Following the Gezi uprising in June 2013 against the authoritarian state, the station decided to remind their audience of the universal values they stand for.
Media was under pressure, and the situation was casting gloom over the society. The main aim was however to focus on the hopeful and the positive as Açık Radyo always does. The incidents had brought together people from all walks of life, proving we can coexist.
The work had to reflect harmony. The imagery needed to be sharp, elegant and to the point. Upon our search, the photographer's collage that we discovered was a perfect match for task. In this work, we are showing a score sheet made up of people. They are a part of the same melody. Hence we kept true to the scoresheet form in art direction and came up with the headline “The music of the people”.
Due to the limited resources of an independent radio station, there was not a huge media budget. However, the ad and the poster were so welcome by the people, it was shared extensively online. 8 months after it was aired, it is still being used by the client as their main communication idea. It reached several international creative achievements in award shows. It was aired in several prestigious publications both in advertising and others. It was exhibited in Newyork Museum of Modern Arts. All these created huge extra pr for the station.