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Public Service/Social Welfare Campaign

Gold Winner

Entrant: Leo Burnett Sydney, Sydney

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Aired on Radio Station:
Corporate Name of Client: Samsung
Agency: Leo Burnett Sydney, Sydney
Global Chief Creative Officer: Mark Tutssel
Chief Creative Officer: Andy DiLallo
Creative Directors: Grant McAloon/Vince Lagana
Copywriter: Grant McAloon
Executive Agency Producers: Adrian Gunadi/Jeremy Devilliers
Production Company: Eardrum, Sydney

Description of the Project:
Despite years of government scare tactics, inexperience, speed and the ever-increasing distraction of smartphones mean that 1 in 3 young Australian drivers crash within their first year of driving, and 2 die on our roads every week.
It was time to reach out to them in a different way.
Samsung saw that it could actually use its smartphones to begin a new dialogue around road safety and, in the process, turn one of the biggest distractions on the road into a life saving tool.
And so S-Drive was born – a program that encourages and rewards safe driving.
At its heart is an app that monitors driving behaviour, giving out points for every safe kilometre travelled - points that can be redeemed for rewards.
A social component also incentivised people to create Drive Teams with friends who could then win team-only rewards.
S-Drive encouraged youths to actively change their driving for the better.