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Silver Winner

Entrant: LatinWorks, Austin

Cine Las Americas International Film Festival
"Drugs", "Money", "Sex"
  • Drugs
  • Money
  • Sex

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Aired on Radio Station:
Corporate Name of Client:
    Cine Las Americas International Film Festival
Head of Client Services: Christy Kranik
Agency: LatinWorks, Austin
Chief Creative Officer: Sergio Alcocer
Creative Directors: Alejandro Egozcue/Sergio Hernandez/
    Norbi Zylberberg
Associate Creative Directors: Ricardo Durán/Gerardo Guillén/
    Brenda Hernández/Roberto Hernández
Production Company: Personal Music, Miami
Producer: Vanessa Lozano
Music Composer: Alexis Estiz
Chief Creative Officer - Personal Music: Alberto Slezynger
Audio Engineer - Personal Music : Luis Gomez

Description of the Project:
Cine Las Americas, a multi cultural, non-profit organization based in Austin, TX, offers theatrical screenings of films made by, or about, Latin Americans. Our task was to increase festival awareness among a younger generation, through a radio ad.
We discovered that if we took the words from Latin American politician’s speeches, and added music, they summed up to nothing less than the next rap sensation. Word for word, we used the bizarre speeches given by three Latin American leaders and were able to create rap hits about “Drugs”, “Sex” and “Money”. The ads were first launched as authentic rap songs, played on the radio, before being released with Cine Las America’s tagline: If this is our reality, imagine our films.
The results: On its 17th edition, the festival increased box office revenues by a total of 27%.