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Radio & Audio

Gold Winner

Entrant: Eardrum Australia, Sydney

ABC Classic FM
"DNA Music"

Aired on Radio Station:
Corporate Name of Client: ABC Classic FM
Marketing Manager: Emma Paillas
Agency: Eardrum Australia, Sydney
Founding Creative Director: Ralph van Dijk
Copywriters: Ralph van Dijk/Dominic Youdan
Agency Producer: Lesley Chambers
Production Company: Noise International, Sydney
Producer: Erin Watson
Music Composer: Bruce Heald
Head/Radio Marketing: Warwick Tiernan

Description of the Project:
1. Musical notes for each theme were determined by the presenter's physical DNA.
2. Themes were composed using ONLY THOSE NOTES.
3. Musical style was based on presenter’s musical taste and the tone of their show.
4. Each Classic FM presenter introduced their personal DNA theme live on air and continued to use it within each subsequent show. E.G during the opening introduction, as a filler between tracks, or as a lead in to a news bulletin.
5. Whenever the station made a promo for a specific show, they would use the relevant DNA musical theme.
6. The Classic FM themes were all linked together by a common phrase, used at the end of each piece.