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TV/Cinema/Online Film
Media Promotion

Silver Winner

Entrant: FCB Spain, Madrid

Canal+ Spain
"The Woman Who Can´t Watch Movies"

Corporate Name of Client: Canal+ Spain
Agency: FCB Spain, Madrid
Executive Creative Directors: Pedro Soler/Eric Springer
Copywriters: Peio Azkoaga/João Freitas
Art Director: Beatriz Pedrosa
Production Company: Fly Helo, Los Angeles
Director: Alex Grossman
Producers: Brendan Kiernan/Steve Devore/Thomas Anderson/
    Kate Borkowski/Kepa Vizcay
Director of Photography: Seamus Tierney
Social Media Strategist: Mauro Rodríguez

Description of the Project:
This film tells the story of a real woman living in Nashville, Tennesse. A real woman who can't watch movies, as every time she does it she hears her dead husband screaming in pain. A true story that reveals us one of cinema's most unique stories.