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TV/Cinema/Online Film
Innovative Use of TV/Cinema/Online Film

Bronze Winner

Entrant: Jung von Matt AG, Hamburg

Mercedes-Benz A-Class / A 45 AMG
"The 2-in-1 Commercial"

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Corporate Name of Client: Daimler AG
Head of Client Services: Dr. Jens Thiemer/Natanael Sljanta/
    Marc Frank
Client Supervisor: Damir Maric
Agency Account Supervisor: Peter Stroeh
Agency Account Director: Sonja Stockmann
Senior Account Executive: Julia Brinker
Account Managers: Sebastian Greven/Robin Weintraut
Media Planners: Fuel @ Vivaki GmbH/Thorsten Wagner
Agency: Jung von Matt AG, Hamburg
Chief Creative Officers: Thimoteus Wagner/Goetz Ulmer
Creative Directors: Jonas Keller/David Leinweber/Roy Cohen/
    Martin Strutz/Fabian Frese
Copywriters: Salvatore Russomanno/Roy Cohen
Art Directors: Paul Carrera/Gabriel Nunez-Lagos/Andres Maldonado/
    Juarez Rodriguez
Executive Agency Producer: Christoph Koehler
Agency Producer: Thomas Nabbefeld
Production Companies: Stink GmbH/Tony Petersen Film GmbH
Directors: Nicolas Winding Refn/Thomas Garber
Digital Production Companies: nhb video/Optix Digital Picture, Hamburg
Sound Design Company: Loft Studios
Sound Designer: Jan Dejoze
Music Composers: Philipp Noll/Axel Huber
Digital Producers: Stephan Tietz/Simon Jokuschies/
    Christian Schrills/Paul Schickedanz/Lars Justinger/
    Lennert Schrader

Description of the Project:
The 2 in 1 commercial is a TVC made of wo films, each with a different speed. At normal speed viewers see a regular A-Class commercial. In fast forward mode, the commercial transforms into a TVC for it’s sporty version – the A 45 AMG.
We did this by replacing certain frames of the regular A-Class commercial by frames of the A 45 AMG. When the A-Class spot is fast-forwarded, only the frames of the A 45 AMG are noticeable. This way there’s no chance to miss the new A-Class in the commercial break. No matter at what speed!