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TV/Cinema/Online Film
Innovative Use of TV/Cinema/Online Film

Silver Winner

Entrant: Y&R Colombia, Bogotá

XBOX 360
"FIFA 14"

Corporate Name of Client: Microsoft
Client Account Director: Juan Pablo Sabogal
Senior Account Executive: Diana Gómez
Advertising Agency: Y&R Colombia,Bogotá/Wunderman, Bogotá
Worldwide Chief Creative Officer: Tony Granger
Chief Creative Officer: Mauricio Rocha
Group Creative Directors: Tito Chamorro/Juan Pablo Alvarado
Creative Directors: Ricardo Uribe/Julián Núñez/Juan Carlos Sosa/
    Diego Suárez/Germán Zúñiga
Copywriters: Jairo Rubiano/Andrés Luque/Jorge Pinto/
    Sebastián Cuevas/Juan Pablo Maldonado
Art Directors: Irene Cruz/Juan Sebastián Portilla/
    Juan Manuel Prieto
Director: Felipe Rueda
Senior Executive Producer: Carlos Vergara
Producer: Loto Films
Animation Companies: Y&R Colombia, Bogotá/Wunderman, Bogotá
Animators: Daniel Sáenz/Gerardo Torres
Sound Design Company: Studios Machina, Bogotá
Sound Designer: Camilo Lucena

Description of the Project:
FIFA wanted to communicate that the new FIFA 14 now includes the colombian soccer league. During the live broadcast of the most important match of the entire colombian soccer league we replaced in real time the most important plays and goals with the graphics of FIFA 14. Four gamers replicated those plays and goals in an XBOX match and we immediatly switched them in the replay of the live broadcast with a message comunicating the good news. This way all colombians found out that the new FIFA 14 now has the colombian soccer league included.
The audience were drawn to the content every time a team scored or had the chance. In that moment we replaced the normal re-runs of each play with our gamer's real time recreation of the game in FIFA 14. We also surprised them with other moments of the live game being replaced with the graphics of FIFA 14.
220% increase of sales versus last year. This game was one of the most watched games of the entire season and it was broadcasted in the most important sports tv channel of Colombia. It also was broadcasted via online. So, basicaly, we reached a huge amount of the population in real time. The rest of the country found out afterwards with the the media attention that we draw.