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Package Design
Eco Packaging

Bronze Winner

Entrant: Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg

"The First Server - Serving the People"

Corporate Name of Client: Protonet GmbH
Client Account Director: Thomas Reimers
Agency: Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg
Chief Creative Officer: Stefan Kolle
Group Creative Director: Rolf Leger
Executive Creative Director: Sascha Hanke
Creative Director: Ales Polcar
Project Managers: Rebbeca Kähler/Britta Kronacher
Designers: Ali Jelveh/David Burkhardt
Graphic Designer: Kristin Nicolaisen

Description of the Project:
Describe the brief from the client
Protonet is the first server for people: it liberates users from dependency on mail providers, iCloud or Facebook and gives users sovereignty over their data again. In addition, Protonet is simple: the server can be turned on by just pushing a button, operated and maintained intuitively by non-experts. Protonet conserves resources, running up to three times more fuel-efficiently than rack servers. Thanks to the patented passive cooling, it also provides longer service life.
The only thing that Protonet was missing up to now was the right packaging.
Describe the challenges and key objectives
We wanted to develop a packaging that fully complies with Protonet's philosophy. It should offer the best possible protection and be easy to remove and re-use. At the same time, the packaging had to be produced in an environmentally friendly way and remain sustainable when in use. Avoiding unnecessary waste was also crucial.
Describe how you arrived at the final design
We made the packaging of environmentally friendly corrugated cardboard which is lightweight and strong, making bubble wrap and Styrofoam redundant. Viewing window clearly shows the product inside, allowing to avoid any environmentally harmful printing. Unique feature is the dual use of the packaging. Once the server has been removed from the box, the protective cover shouldn’t end up in the garbage, but can be easily re-used. With a few simple steps, it can be turned into a practical storage container reducing waste to almost zero.
Give some indication of how successful the outcome was in the market
Reactions to Protonet have been overwhelming. On Seedmatch, a crowdfunding platform, the project set a European record raising EUR 200,000 in 48 minutes. Magazines such as Spiegel Online and Wirtschaftswoche as well as TV channels ARD, ZDF and ntv have published and broadcasted extensive, positive contributions on the topic creating media value worth tens of millions. named Protonet the start-up of the year. Hamburg@work, the initiative of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg, awarded it the Webfuture Award, thereby confirming Protonet's mission that the time has come for the first server for people.