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Use of Illustration Campaign

Gold Winner

Entrant: Publicis, London

Depaul UK - Street Stories Campaign
"Joe", "Rob", "Shelly", "Katy"

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Corporate Name of Client: Depaul UK
Agency Account Director: Chris Boyton
Planner: Anthony Harris
Agency: Publicis, London
Executive Creative Directors: Andy Bird/Pavlos Themistocleous
Copywriter: Steve Moss
Art Director: Jolyon Finch
Photographer: Mark Wesley
Illustrators: Ben Slow/Best Ever/Jim McElvany/Josh Jeavons/
    David Shillinglaw
Executive Agency Producer: Colin Hickson
Agency Producers: Sarah Clifford/Sam Holmes
Director/Editor: Doug Gillen
Senior Digital Project Manager: Mike Fitzgerald
Head of Technology: David Clarke
Lead Interactive Developer: Richard Nelson
Head of Design: Richie Wykes
Production Company: Friend, London

Description of the Project:
Most homeless kids aren’t on the streets out of choice. But a surprising number of people think otherwise.
Charity Depaul UK wanted to find a way of challenging these beliefs.
We believed that by telling the stories of how they ended up on the street - people would be more willing to help.
Under the campaign line, “don’t let their stories end on the street”, we used the streets where they slept to tell their stories.
They were compiled on
And instead of donations we asked the public to buy a limited edition portrait inspired by the stories.
Every time a screenprint was bought, a section of the digital wall was cleaned away. Brick by brick, the tragic stories were removed from the street.
The results? People got to think about the homeless in a different way.
And the stories became a talking point on social and mainstream media.
But best of all, we sold out of the limited edition screenprints.
Which paid for 800 nights in sheltered accommodation. Helping make sure lots of kids’ stories didn’t end on the street.
Which just goes to show what you can achieve with a few cans of paint and a lot of hard work.