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Entrant: Heye, Munich

"Fries Hands"

Corporate Name of Client: McDonald's Germany
Agency Account Supervisor: Maik Hansel
Agency Account Director: Michael Kol
Agency: Heye, Munich
Creative Directors: Christopher Grouls/Tobias Schwarz
Art Director: Philip Gruene

Description of the Project:
For a lot of people fries are way more than just a side order. They are the main reason to visit a McDonald’s restaurant. The agencies task: to develop a campaign that revolves around the world’s best side dish: fries.
Fries are eaten with the hands. Unfortunately not only with your own ones. Obviously there exists an unwritten rule that declares „stealing fries“ the most normal thing in the world. Annoying for the buyer, pleasant for the brand – since these toast-coloured potato sticks are only stolen because they are so tasty. We took advantage of that.
Advertisements that communicate the daily fries “theft“ in the McDonald’s restaurants in an ironic manner. And that’s how we put the focus back on the delicious fries.