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Entrant: GSD&M, Austin

"Goodbye 80s"

Corporate Name of Client: RadioShack
Agency Account Supervisor: Elizabeth Perez
Agency Account Director: Sabia Siddiqi
Account Manager: Nadia Elias
Media Planners: Carmen Graf/Sabrina Jordan/Mikael Greenlief/
    Daniel Leal/Jennifer Parchman/Jenna Mastalir
Strategic Planners: Klaudia Flanigan/Haley Rushing/Rye Clifton/
    Janice Suter/Dustin Marchant/Tyler Kerxhalli/Shi Sizhan/
    Chelsea Davis
Agency: GSD&M, Austin
Group Creative Directors: Ryan Carroll/Scott Brewer
Executive Creative Director: Jay Russell
Creative Directors: Tom Hamling/Tim Eger
Copywriters: Tom Hamling/Matt Garcia/John Gasper
Art Directors: Tim Eger/Kevin Taylor
Executive Agency Producers: Paul Gallardo/Bill Wine
Agency Producers: Alison Wagner/Flo Babbitt
Production Company: Moxie Pictures, New York
Director: Frank Todaro
Executive Producer: Karol Zeno
Producer: Laura Heflin
Director of Photography: Jimi Whitaker
Editing Facility: Cut + Run, Los Angeles
Editor: Jay Nelson
Sound Design Company: LIME Studios
Music Production Company: Loverboy

Description of the Project:
RadioShack was the best electronics store of the 80s. The problem is, they never left the 80's. Our goal? To change this outdated perception in just one night. The campaign was a huge success.
The Super Bowl campaign was ranked #1 by several outlets:
Advertising Age, CNN and Wall Street Journal to name a few.
During the Super Bowl, RadioShack owned 5 of Twitter's Top 10 trending topics - including 4 at one time. They had 8 trending topics, overall. 1,100 stories resulted in 933 million impressions. These impressions paid for the media buy.
RadioShack trended on Facebook for 48 hours. The day after the game was one of the worst financial days of the year and RadioShack's stock price jumped an amazing 7%.