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Branded Entertainment
Branded Documentary Short Film

Bronze Winner

Entrant: Ogilvy & Mather Amsterdam, Amsterdam

DELA - Funeral Insurance
"Why Wait Until It's Too Late?- Leo"

Corporate Name of Sponsored Client: DELA
Client Account Director: Martin Kersbergen
Agency Account Director: Zilla Smith
Account Executive: Cathalijn van Hellenberg Hubar
Media Company: MediaValue, Eindhoven
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Amsterdam, Amsterdam
Executive Creative Director: Darre van Dijk
Art Director: Darre van Dijk
Graphic Designer: Colin Tossijn
Agency Producer: Brenda Bentz van den Berg
Production Company: Wefilm, Amsterdam
Director: Roel Welling
Producer: Tobias Wilbrink
Director of Photography: Joris Kerbosch
Post-Production Companies: De Grot, Amsterdam/Postoffice, Amsterdam
Editor: Pelle Asselbergs
Sound Design Companies: De Grot, Amsterdam/Postoffice, Amsterdam
Sound Designer: Marcel Bultman
Audio Engineer: Patrick Muhren
Music Composers: Guido Dieteren/Darre van Dijk
Music Performed By: Guido's Orchestra
Video Producer: Juriaan van Berkel

Description of the Project:
The usage of branded entertainment in the Netherlands is still relatively minimal in comparison with other countries like the United States and England. Although a respectable range of traditional customer magazines are currently available, much branded content for digital and TV media hasn't been produced. This is however rapidly changing. One of the most noteworthy examples responsible for this growth is the new DELA campaign. It has been drawing a lot of national attention by sharing new emotional branded content, with the brand's ethos: Why wait until it's too late, say something wonderful today.
We used online advertising, radio and TV commercials to reach a broad audience of both members and non-members of the DELA Corporation. Online we used YouTube pre-rolls as well as social media links to attract audiences. The television commercials had a call to action to the campaign's online platform. This is where the full-length documentaries were both viewable and sharable.
Funeral Insurance Company DELA believes in a dignified farewell for everyone but above all in being there for each other. The most beautiful words are often spoken when someone has passed away. But why wait until it's too late? Say something wonderful today.
We gave ordinary people, who all had a very special story, a chance to say something wonderful to someone they really care about. We filmed their speeches with 6 hidden cameras and used this footage to develop extraordinary commercials, with real emotions. These touching stories were an extension of last year's award winning 'Why wait until it's too late?' campaign. But we went even further this year, by showing in-depth documentaries behind every story. By producing honest and non-invasive branded content, we gave insight to what DELA stands for and what 'caring for each other' can really mean - strengthening the reliability of their philosophy and of course, the DELA brand itself.
After last year's highly successful campaign that had firmly increased DELA's brand awareness and improved its reputation with both members and non-members, this year's campaign has led to further substantial improvement of both KPI's. In just three weeks, the number of documentary views tripled 2012's content and the brand's pulse score with existing members grew another two points to an all time high of 83 while national brand awareness grew to 69%. This meant a staggering 8% growth in awareness within 2 months after first airing the campaign. Another great outcome that certainly deserves mentioning is how we used this opportunity to show three heart-warming stories nationally. Stories that have inspired many viewers to not wait until it's too late and say something wonderful to their loved ones on the campaign website as well.