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Bronze Winner

Entrant: Postvisual, Seoul

Nike - Run the City
"Nike - Run the City"

Corporate Name of Sponsored Client: Nike
Account Executives: Moonkyung Choi/Eunyoung Lee/Eunji Kim/
    Hyanghwan Shin/Dahee Sohn/Bora Kwon
Agency: PostVisual, Seoul
Chief Creative Officer: Euna Seol
Creative Director: Taebong Kim
Copywriters: Hyunhee Park/Kkotdawoon Park
Art Directors: Inho Cho/Minjoon Cho
Designers: Jaesik Woo/Jeongmin Bae/Minhee Kang/Eunjoo Lee
Production Companies: Elgamez, Seoul/Yond Pictures, Seoul

Description of the Project:
Over 75% of Korean population play mobile games.
And also, for the 20s who are Nike’s target, mobile gaming has become their daily routine.
We tried to get them out of mobile games that only using only their fingertips and give them the motivation to run
We created the world’s first real running game, Run the City
As they go out to the world and run, their runs is tracked by the Nike+ Running app and become game points and take the friends' tracks by connecting with a mobile messenger that has the biggiest social platform used by over 92% of Koreans