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Bronze Winner

Entrant: Leo Burnett Sydney, Sydney


Corporate Name of Sponsored Client: McDonald's
Client Account Director: Peter Bosilkovski
Agency Account Directors: Paul Everson/Amanda Quested/Anna Viney
Account Manager: Neil Duncan
Agency: Leo Burnett Sydney, Sydney
Chief Creative Officer: Andy DiLallo
Creative Directors: Kieran Ots/Zaid Al-Asady
Copywriters: Kieran Ots/Zaid Al-Asady
Art Directors: Kieran Ots/Zaid Al-Asady
Director of Integrated Production: Amir Mireskandari
Brand Strategist: Oliver Mistry
Social Media Strategist: Oliver Mistry
Designers: Bruno Nakano/Alex Schieder/Janifer Wong/Eddy Milford
Production Company: North Kingdom
Producer: Gemma Heyes
Interactive Producer: Gemma Heyes

Description of the Project:
In recent years, McDonald’s restaurants have become more sophisticated, and while they’re now more appealing to adults, they’ve lost that sense of magic and playfulness for kids. Our task was to change the way kids saw their McDonald’s, and bring some magic back to their experience – without changing the restaurants.
So we overlaid these modern restaurants with a secret world of imagination that only kids can see, through a dedicated smartphone and tablet app. And we filled this world with millions of Emlings – curious little creatures who have lost their creative powers and need kids to help them rediscover their imagination.
Emlings was launched in the very place that we wanted kids to see in a new light – McDonald’s restaurants. Kids discovered the story of the Emlings through in-store posters, content videos, and through the Happy Meal - the cornerstone of kid’s experiences at McDonald’s.