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TV/Cinema/Online Film - Production & Post-Production

Bronze Winner

Entrant: The Brand Agency, West Perth

St John First Aid Training
"Break the Barrier"

Corporate Name of Client: St John Ambulance WA
Head of Client Services: Arley Grey
Agency Account Director: Holly Creasey
Account Manager: Holly Brindle
Media Planners: Angela Naaykens/Kate Brooks
Agency: The Brand Agency, West Perth
Creative Director: Craig Buchanan
Copywriters: Craig Buchanan/David Donald
Art Directors: Craig Buchanan/David Donald
Agency Producer: Gemma Kay
Production Company: The Penguin Empire, Mount Lawley
Director: Grant Sputore
Producer: Kelvin Munro
Director of Photography: Allan Myles
Post-Production Company: Method Studios, Sydney
VFX Company: Last Pixel, Leederville
VFX Supervisor: Dave McDonnell
Editing Facility: The Penguin Empire, Mount Lawley
Editor: Grant Sputore
Sound Design Company: Soundbyte, Leederville
Sound Designers: Brad Habib/Andrew Wright
Audio Engineer: Brad Habib

Description of the Project:
This ad is aimed at people who don't have first aid training, and shows how helpless this can make you feel. It is a highly emotional depiction of a parent's protective instincts for her child.
The film shows a young child playing in a swimming pool until he hits his head and disappears underwater. In Australia, a high number of homes have pools so this is a common fear for parents.
The boy's mother rushes to his aid, appearing to crawl across the surface of the water on an invisible barrier – a barrier which prevents her reaching her drowning child despite her desperate attempts to break through. The film lingers on the parent's increasing feeling of despair. The barrier is a metaphor for the mother's helplessness.
It's confronting, but not as confronting as the thought that you could have helped to save a life.