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Animation Campaign

Silver Winner

Entrant: Ogilvy Germany, Frankfurt

VCOE (Traffic Association of Austria) - Death Corporation Campaign
"The Strategy", "The Shoot", "The Super Employee"

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Corporate Name of Client: VCOE (Traffic Association of Austria)
Client Supervisor: Christian Gratzer
Agency Account Supervisors:
    Yves Rosengart, David Wilfert, Nadine Ries
Agency: Ogilvy Germany, Frankfurt
Chief Creative Officer: Dr. Stephan Vogel
Executive Creative Director: Matthias Storath
Creative Directors: Bent Kroggel/Tolga Bueyuekdoganay
Copywriters: Lisa Reissner/Thorsten Buesser/Bent Kroggel
Art Directors: Helmut Meyer/Constantin Camesasca
Agency Producer: Tanja Frohwerk
Production Company: Partizan, Muenchen
Director: Gal Shkedi
Producers: Moritz Merkel/Julian Holland
Post-Production Company: Liga 01, Muenchen
Animator: Roy Manor
Music Production Company: Audioforce, Berlin
Illustrator: Gal Shkedi
Legal: Georg Fechner
Neo@Ogilvy Media: Sebastian Biehl

Description of the Project:
People talking on the phone while driving have the same bad reaction time as someone with a blood alcohol level of 0.8 per mille. But many drivers underestimate the danger. Unlike “drink-driving” using a mobile phone while driving is still being dismissed as trivial. The VCOE (Traffic Association of Austria) wants to sensitise especially young driving beginners to the deadly consequences of talking on the phone while driving.
The young drivers are addressed in a target-group appropriate way with an online branded entertainment format instead of didactic posters on the roadside.
VCOE published a 3-parts comic series about the fictive company “Death Corporation”, specialised in gruesome death. With always new, innovative ideas “Death Corporation” tries to raise the number of deaths and thereby their own enterprise value. Targeted calls while driving in order to distract proves to be the most efficient tool.