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TV/Cinema/Online Film - Production & Post-Production


Entrant: Finch, Sydney

Tiger Beer
"Charlie Uncaged"

Corporate Name of Client: Heineken - Asia Pacific Breweries
Planner: Michaela Futcher
Agency: Droga5, Sydney
Chief Creative Officer: David Nobay
Creative Directors: Andy Fergusson/Cameron Blackley
Copywriter: Emily Cussins
Art Director: Leslie Sharpe
Agency Producer: Holly Alexander
Production Company: Finch, Sydney
Director: Christopher Riggert
Executive Producer: Rob Galluzzo
Producer: Michael Hilliard
Director of Photography: Jeremy Rouse
Editor: Peter Sciberras
Music Production Company: Sonar Music
Editor: Peter Sciberras

Description of the Project:
Singapore's national icon Tiger Beer is proud of its Asian roots and showcases this to the world in its latest campaign, 'Tiger Uncage' - created in secret over the last five months.
Uncage is an exciting concept because the work is borne out of real people who embody the lifestyle.
Charlie Ruedpokanon dispelled the myth that stuntmen are fearless. He said two really interesting things: one) that being a good stuntman is about understanding that you are afraid, but being confident you have evaluated the risk correctly, and doing the stunt anyway, and two) things are always different when you get to location than they were when you rehearsed them.
If you listen to the stories our characters tell, they are all unlikely success stories. Every one of them. Most success stories are unlikely ones.