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TV/Cinema/Online Film - Music & Sound
Music Adaptation - Song

Silver Winner

Entrant: Creativeland Asia, Mumbai

MTS India
"MTS Internet Baby"

Corporate Name of Client: Systema Shyam Tele-Services Pvt Ltd
Head of Client Services: Srijib Malik
Agency: Creativeland Asia, Mumbai
Chief Creative Officer: Sajan Raj Kurup
Executive Creative Director: Anu Joseph
Copywriter: Sajan Raj Kurup
Production Company: Smuggler, London
Director: Guy Shermeldine
Senior Executive Producer: Chris Barret
Executive Producers: Abi Klimaszewska/Fergus Brown
Director of Photography: Alex Barber
Editing Facility: Stitch, London
Editor: Andy Mcgraw
Sound Designer: Mickey McCleary
Music Producer: Mickey McCleary
Song Title: I'm Coming Out

Description of the Project:
Film Synopsis:
The film opens in a labour room, where a woman is being coaxed by the doctor to ‘push’. Suddenly, the baby’s hand pops out from under the cover and gestures everybody to stop. The baby crawls from under the sheet and sits on the mother's chest. The doctor faints seeing this. The baby asks the flabbergasted dad for his handheld tablet. The baby googles “how to cut the umbilical cord” and asks the nurse for a pair of scissors and cuts the umbilical cord himself. He, then, pulls the nurse’s mobilephone from her pocket, and takes a selfie of him with her. He uploads it on Instagram and jumps down the bed. He crawls across to the doctor’s laptop and creates accounts across networking sites, uploading the picture and broadcasting himself to the world. He then walks up to the doctor, who’s still lying on the floor, makes a video of the situation and walks out of the room with the help of the GPS on the phone. He walks out of the clinic, even as you see the receptionist is already watching a video of the baby on YouTube. Supers appear saying, “Born For The Internet. MTS 3GPlus Network."
The music for this film is an adapted version of Diana Ross' 'I'm Coming Out', composed by Mickey McCleary.