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Sound Design

Bronze Winner

Entrant: Cundari, Toronto

"Ultimate Racetrack"

Corporate Name of Client: BMW Group Canada
Agency Account Directors: Adam Lang/Anna Halfpenny
Account Executive: Amanda Sanguigni
Agency: Cundari, Toronto
Chief Creative Officer: Andrew Simon
Group Creative Director: Mike Dietrich
Creative Director: Andrew Simon
Art Directors: Mike Dietrich/Sarah Adlam
Agency Producer: Melanie Lambertsen
Production Company: The Embassy VFX, Vancouver
Director: Ozan Biron
Executive Producers: Winston Helgason/Trevor Cawood
Producer: Danielle Kinsey
Directors of Photography: Ozan Biron/Shaun Lawless
Post-Production Company: The Embassy VFX, Vancouver
VFX Company: The Embassy VFX, Vancouver
VFX Supervisors: David Casey/Michael Blackbourn
VFX Co-ordinator: Annie-Claude Lapierre
SFX/VFX Artists: Dmitri Bajenov/Paul Copeland/Tristam Gieni/
    Himanshu Joshi/Michael Lowes/Simon van de Lagemaat
Animation Company: The Embassy VFX, Vancouver
Animator: Adam Marisett
Editing Facility: The Embassy VFX, Vancouver
Editor: Ozan Biron
Sound Design Company: Source Sound, Los Angeles
Sound Designer: Charles Deenen
Audio Engineer: Charles Deenen
Colourist: David Casey
Compositors: Austin Basile/Marc-Andre Gray/Nikolai Michaleski/
    Michael Stewart

Description of the Project:
To demonstrate the agility, power, and overall awesomeness of the new M4, we showed it doing the seemingly impossible - racing along an aircraft carrier in the middle of the ocean. Most cars arrive by cargo ship. The M4 comes by racetrack.