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TV/Cinema/Online Film - Music & Sound
Music Original - Underscore

Gold Winner

Entrant: WANDA Germany, Hamburg

Corporate Name of Client: 1lovefoundation
Production Company: WANDA Germany, Hamburg
Director: Ben Fouassier
Senior Executive Producer: Mandy Kothe
Producer: Julian Brayshaw
Line Producer: Domenik Raabe
Director of Photography: Roland Stuprich
Post-Production Company: Harvest Digital Agriculture, Hamburg
Editor: Yves Beloniak
Sound Design Company: German Wahnsinn, Hamburg
Sound Designer: Michael Berg
Music Production Company: MassiveMusic, Amsterdam
Music Producer: Joep Beving
Music Arranger: MassiveMusic
Music Composer: MassiveMusic

Description of the Project:
The film wants to symbolize the consequences of intolerance and hate, voiced by a naive and cinematic tale of love and hate. We're visually between the borders of our heroes mind and of reality. But reality is harsh and some kill others because of homophobia, racism, religion.
Daughters is a film about love and hate; about believing that our differences makes us stronger. That they shouldn't never bring death upon us. A flag for everyone that believes that Love WILL conquer hate.
The director's goal was to create a concrete symbol for people to take a simple action: The flower from the film is that symbol. A daisy you can pin on a shirt, on a scarf, a bag or post on the social medias. The daisy says "I love LOVE". We want to start the largest daisy-chain possible.