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TV/Cinema/Online Film - Music & Sound
Sound Design


Entrant: Factory, London

Save The Children
"Most Shocking Second A Day Video"

Corporate Name of Client: Save The Children
Agency: Don't Panic London, London
Creative Director: Richard Beer
Copywriters: Richard Beer/Joe Wade
Production Company: Unit9 Films, London
Director: Martin Stirling
Executive Producer: Michelle Craig
Producers: Elliott Tagg/Geoff Morgan/Irene Lobo
Director of Photography: Jacob Proud
Sound Design Company: Factory, London
Sound Designer: Jon Clarke
Audio Engineer: Jon Clarke

Description of the Project:
The sound design was key in building the story and creating tension as the film progresses. Apart from the dialogue nearly all the sound was recreated using foley and SFX to build each scene. The sound brief was to create a soundscape that’s as real as possible and not stylised in any way, making each shot feel as though you are there in reality. In order to achieve this it required thinking about the sound outside each shot and creating each scene by imagining what you could hear in each moment. It was important to keep the mix very dynamic in order to give certain scenes the impact they needed.