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TV/Cinema/Online Film - Music & Sound
Music Original - Underscore


Entrant: Lowe China, Shanghai

"Human Traffic Sign"

Corporate Name of Client: Shanghai General Motors
Client Supervisor: Yuan Yuan
Agency Account Supervisor: Kitty Lun
Account Manager: Sue Lu
Agency: Lowe China, Shanghai
Chief Creative Officer: Norman Tan
Creative Director: Zeng Qiang
Copywriters: Cherry Wang/Willow Yang/Jeremy Chia
Art Directors: Kidd Zhang/Hans Han/Zhenjiang Zhen
Agency Producer: Connie Chua
Production Companies: Locus/A New Life Films, Seoul/Shanghai
Director: Eun Taek Cha ( Africa Pictures)
Senior Executive Producers: Jiyoun Lee/Nelson Cho
Director of Photography: Jung Ho Leem ( Africa Pictures)
Music Production Company: Drum Music, Hong Kong
Music Composer: Peter Mullward

Description of the Project:
As part of the Buick Road Safety program, this television commercial features real traffic accident victims who kindly agreed to participate in this meaningful project to warn pedestrians and motorists not to avoid the same disasters. Trying to be calm and hide their emotion, the victims' amputated bodies, or the family of the deceased, say it all as they pose as human traffic signs. They quietly carry the important warnings at these accident-proned locations. The human traffic signs are a stark reminder for the many pedestrians and motorists that signs are there for a reason. Buick wants to remind them that they should obey the rules because it is a matter of life or death.