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TV/Cinema/Online Film - Music & Sound
Music Adaptation - Song


Entrant: Åkestam Holst, Stockholm

"Sleep like a child. Again."

Corporate Name of Client: IKEA
Senior Account Executive: Kjell Månsson
Account Executive: Cecilia Bauman
Account Manager: Agneta Oppenheim
Advertiser's Supervisor: Christine Eliasson
Planner: Jerker Winther
Agency: Åkestam Holst
Creative Director: Andreas Ullenius
Copywriter: Emma Zetterholm
Art Director: Petra Albrektson
Agency Producer: Leila Widgren
Production Company: Camp David
Director: Christoffer von Reis
Producer: Lolo Uggla
Interactive Producer: Sofia Swedenborg
Post-Production Company: STOPP
Graphic Designer: Anna Forsberg
Digital Strategist: Anna Lundeborg
Digital Designer: Jens Sjöberg
Flash Animator: Pellen Wegler
Music Production Company: Music Super Circus

Description of the Project:
For a small child sleeping is uncomplicated and undemanding. As children we fall asleep whenever and wherever. Over the years, it becomes more complicated - sometimes we lie awake with concerns about lying awake. IKEA´s beds help you with the difficult art of doing the easiest thing in the world. To sleep like a child. Again.