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Public Service/Social Welfare Campaign

Gold Winner

Entrant: Young & Rubicam FMS, Moscow

Donor Cable
"The Life-Saving Cable Project", "The Life-Saving Cable Application"

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User Name: nardonor
Password: 1234567
Corporate Name of Client: AZERFON
Head of Client Services: Kent McNeley
Agency Account Supervisor: Andrey Pavlov
Agency Account Director: Anastasia Koroleva
Account Executives: Daria Spasennykh/Tatyana Pavlova
Agency: Young & Rubicam FMS, Moscow
Executive Creative Director: Marco Cremona
Associate Creative Director: Federico Fanti
Copywriter: Oleg Tumanov
Art Directors: Artem Goncharov/Anastasia Bukhonkina/
    Raushania Rakhimova
Design Company: Young & Rubicam FMS, Moscow
Graphic Designers: Dmitriy Izotov/Max Malakhov
Production Companies: Project 111/LDM system, Moscow
Producers: Ivan Ermoshin/Anna Degtyarenko/Sergey Mikhailov
Sound Design Company: AdService, Moscow
Sound Designer: Valentin Borisevich

Description of the Project:
Every year 500 kids with Thalassemia are born in Azerbaijan, more than in any other country in the world. People with this disorder need blood transfusions regularly: at least 30 liters a month for each person. Unfortunately there are never enough donors: the average is 66000 versus 160000 that would be needed every year.
NAR mobile asked us to find a brand related way to prompt blood donations.
To create awareness and prompt blood donation, we invented and patented an innovative cable which allows to donate battery charge from one phone to another. It’s very easy: just connect and donate, no additional software needed. The message is simple: ‘Donate energy to save a phone, donate blood to save a life’.
The bracelet –promoted through a fully integrated campaign- was given as a gift to anyone who purchased an android phone in a NAR store across the country.
All main news sites in Azerbaijan and even in other countries talked about our project.
We gained free media space on the main Azerbaijani TV channels and celebrities spontaneously became our project’s ambassadors. In one week only, the project’s Facebook page became 10 times more popular than that of any other Thalassemic Organization in the world.
The client was so satisfied about the results that the campaign has been extended for another month and a new order of cables has been made.
And what is more important, we improved the regular donation flow by 335%.
The bracelet was a gift to anyone who purchased a phone in the NAR stores across the country and was promoted through a fully integrated campaign.
The idea showed how simple it is to help someone in need through a very relevant device for the brand. It did so through an innovative technology which has been created and patented solely for this project.
Using the analogy between blood and phone energy –both traditionally scarce- the campaign engaged millions of people and created an unexpected buzz around Thalassemia, a disorder which represents one of the biggest threats to Azerbaijani people.