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Bronze Winner

Entrant: R/GA, New York

"The Nike SB App"

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Corporate Name of Client: Nike
Nike Team: Jake Hall/John Agnew/Mark Whiteley/Brian Aster/
    Eric Swisher/Leena Patankar/Ron Forrester/Rochelle Shibahara/
    Christopher Rollo
Advertising Agency: R/GA, New York
Executive Creative Director: Sammi Needham
Associate Creative Directors: Hoshi Ludwig/Xavier Gallego
Copywriters: Devin Heatley/Albert Patton
Agency Producer: Tim Farr
Creative Technologist: Jesse Green
Graphic Designers: Patrick McInerney/Rasmus Wangelin/Young Seo
Executive Producer: Nick Parisi
Digital Producers: Guy Helson/Mark Voelpel
Technical Creative Directors: Patricia Choi/Wes Harris
Technical Developers: Brian Tobin/Fernando Mazzon/Pedro Mancheno/
    Nicolas Viegas/Lambert Torres
Technical Director: Nauman Hafiz
Quality Assurance: Michael Grater/Samira Sultana
Senior Java Engineer: Tim McElreath

Description of the Project:
In 2013, we collaborated with pro riders to create never-before-seen digital skate experiences. What came out of it changed the way skaters participate in the world’s biggest action sport.
The Nike SB App helps skaters progress in their sport, connect with their peers and pro riders, and earn respect for one another with features like video posting and challenges, and building their personal skate history.
The app features a multi-angle video learning system, letting users watch trick videos from multiple directions. They can go head-to-head in virtual games of S.K.A.T.E. and get exclusive access to live-streamed Nike Pro events.
To launch the app, 28 of the world’s best skaters were brought together for 24 hours and challenged to complete all 616 tricks in the Trick Tree while the world watched live on YouTube.