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Weird Wonderful Work

Bronze Winner

Entrant: denkwerk, Köln

Interactive Cologne
"Hacking Richter"

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Corporate Name of Client: Interactive Cologne
Creative Directors: Alina Schlaier/Gregor Kuschmirz
Art Director: Mohshiour Hossain
Programmers: Christian Neuls/Anja Kirsch
Conceptioner: Henning Schenk
Project Managers: Matthias Wessels/Alexander Barth
Music Performed By: Gregor Schwellenbach/Winfried Bönig/
    Damian T. Dziwis

Description of the Project:
For the conference participants of INTERACTIVE COLOGNE, an unforgettable experience should be created that combines technology and creativity and is linked to Cologne as a location.
Our future is digital – which means it can also be hacked. And this is precisely why developers, designers, thinkers and doers get together during INTERACTIVE COLOGNE. We wanted to use their same approach in order to create an unforgettable event.
We have “hacked” one of the most visited tourist attractions in Germany, an artwork by the most expensive living artist in the world as well as the mobile phones of the invited guests. And we have merged it all with three music artists in an interactive composition.
We have developed an app that reads the IP addresses of the smartphones and makes them individually controllable via the musician’s computer – just like the more than 10,000 pipes of the Cologne Cathedral’s organ. These self-composed music pieces will be performed live – in conjunction with the corresponding lighting effects, composed from the 72 colours featured in the stained-glass window designed by Gerhard Richter in Cologne Cathedral.