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Animation/Motion Graphics

Silver Winner

Entrant: Firstborn, New York

"The Rolex Daytona Experience"

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Corporate Name of Client: Rolex
Agency: Firstborn
Design Company: Firstborn
Animation Company: Firstborn

Description of the Project:
When you hold a Rolex, the craft that goes into each timepiece immediately becomes apparent. There’s something about physically handling the watch that can’t be captured by a photograph alone. For the Daytona’s 50th anniversary, Rolex wanted to create an app that would finally bring the same experience of exclusivity and luxury to the digital realm. The Rolex Daytona iPad app represents Rolex’s bid to elevate the standard of quality for a digital showroom experience.
Part multimedia magazine and part product demonstration, the Rolex Daytona iPad app brings the Daytona to life in stunning detail. Our in-house 3D team modeled and rendered a fully interactive Daytona that was indistinguishable from one that was photographed. This allowed for an unprecedented level of responsiveness. Users can lift the watch from its box, unlock its clasp and even manipulate its crown and pushers. For the editorial content, the magazine’s user experience was custom-tailored to each article. The app features an elegant and intuitive interface that perfectly complements the brand’s luxury heritage.
The Rolex Daytona app set a new standard for luxury on the iPad, connecting watch enthusiasts with the object of their desire. The app extended the Rolex standard of excellence into the digital space in a way that had never been done before. It was downloaded by thousands of Rolex watch owners and admirers, allowing them to experience the brand on an entirely new level.