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Animation/Motion Graphics

Gold Winner

Entrant: Dentsu Inc., Tokyo


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Corporate Name of Client: SO-NET
Advertising Agency: Dentsu Inc., Tokyo/Kaibutsu Inc., Tokyo
Executive Creative Director: Takuma Takasaki
Creative Directors: Miyo Sekimoto/Yusuke Kitani
Head of Production: mount Inc.
Art Director: Jeongho Im
Technical Director: Takeshiro Umetsu
Programmer: Takeshiro Umetsu
Designer: Hiroka Hasegawa
Directors: Daisuke Shimada/Sojiro Kamatani
Music Producer: Hidekazu Hayashi
Sound Designer: Kenji Yoshida
Music Performed By: Envy
Assitant Designer: Hideki Yoshimatsu, Asami Otani
Project Manager: Tatsuhiko Akutsu
Special Effects Computer Graphics: Ritsuki Saito
HTML Coders: Shinji Kobayashi/Kazuma Nishihata/Naoki Matsuda
Html Cording Company: Maboroshi, Tokyo
Film Company: Qotori Film Inc, Tokyo

Description of the Project:
NURO is a world’s fastest fiber optic service developed by a Japanese provider So-net. With “Devilman,” a Japanese comic by Go Nagai, as the motif, we developed this website with the concept of drawing “NURO DEVILMAN”. “Devilman”, which had been read over generations, was reborn as NURO DEVILMAN. On the website, all Kanji used for episodes were manually decomposed into a large number of pieces and assembled according to the number of strokes and assigned to their positions in stroke order upon scroll. ( Totally 103,000 parts decomposed from 1,205 characters. ) With all parts of characters, sound and motion effects fully program-controlled, it was formed as NURO DEVILMAN’s personality and has expressed what NURO DEVILMAN is with many different kinds of techniques and approaches, combined with the impressive opening movie.