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Entrant: Work & Co, Brooklyn

Virgin America
"Website Redesign"

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Plug-In: no
User Name: no
Password: no
Corporate Name of Client: Virgin America
Head of Client Services: Gene Liebel/Mohan Ramaswamy
Client Account Directors: Amy Burr/Francisca Hawkins/Phil Seward/
    Richard Lee
Client Creative Director: Jesse McMillin
Client Chief Marketing Officer: Luanne Calvert
Client Chief Information Officer: Dean Cookson
Agency Account Director: Michael Evans
Account Manager: Ben Kendall
Agency: Work & Co, Brooklyn
Programmers: Tiago Luchini/Oliver Dore/Chris James/
    Igor Trinadade/Rogerio Gonzalez/Leandro Ferreira/Jen Larson
Design Company: Work & Co, Brooklyn
Designers: Joe Stewart/Felipe Memoria/Rafael Marin/Dever Thomas/
    Hugo Albonete
Illustration Company: Build, London
Illustrators: Michael C. Place/Joe Luxton
Digital Production Company: Work & Co, Brooklyn

Description of the Project:
Our Goal was to create a best-in-class e-commerce site (not just a great airline website), with particular emphasis on responsive design.
We wanted to re-invent from scratch the dated UX conventions airlines have been using for years.
As an ecommerce website for a major airline, Virgin needed to meet the goals and usability requirements of travelers of all ages and backgrounds.
To quote the review in Wired Magazine: the new Virgin America website is “the first radical rethinking of the flight booking experience in a decade: