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Innovative Use of Poster

Bronze Winner

Entrant: Heimat, Berlin

Swisscom / Samsung Galaxy S4
"Stare Down Contest"

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Corporate Name of Client: Swisscom (Schweiz) AG
Head of Client Services: Davide Pincin
Client Supervisor: Olivier Stähli
Agency Account Supervisor: Matthias von Bechtholsheim
Agency Account Director: Christina Müller
Media Planner: Mediaschneider AG
Planning Director: Andreas Mengele
Strategic Planner: Sven Kösling
Agency: Heimat, Berlin
Chief Creative Officer: Guido Heffels
Group Creative Director: Myles Lord
Creative Directors: Michael Schachtner, Raphael Hermann
Copywriters: Raphael Hermann, Luis Jähner
Art Director: Lucas Schneider
Head of Production: Alexander Münzer, Ute Ressler

Description of the Project:
In 2013, Swisscom and Samsung joined forces to launch the Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone in Switzerland. The task was to create a buzz around the new device and leverage earned media to reach the masses. To achieve this, we took advantage of one of the unique features of the S4: the eye-tracking technology - and invited our audience to a staring contest.
Special CLP posters fitted with S4's where placed in busy areas giving the Smartphone away to anyone who could stare at the device for 60 minutes. But players were challenged by a number
of outrageous distractions. From police dogs and renegade motor cyclists to arguing couples and hotdog dealers on fire - a series of professional actors doing their utmost to create a scene and steal the attention away from the new S4. The CLP streamed live to web and users could communicate with players via the S4.