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Innovative Use of Poster

Gold Winner

Entrant: Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg

"The Social Swipe"

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Corporate Name of Client: Bischöfliches Hilfswerk MISEREOR e.V.
Head of Client Services: Elisabeth Kleffner
Agency Account Supervisor: Jan Kowalsky
Account Manager: Britta Kronacher
Agency: Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg
Group Creative Directors: Rolf Leger/Oliver Ramm
Executive Creative Director: Sascha Hanke
Copywriter: Sarah Sommer
Art Director: Nadine Nolting
Art Buyer: Katja Sluyter
Photographer: Patrice Lange
Interactive Developement: Felix Zielke/Sven Hoffmann
Final Artwork: Anne Schmücker
Production: Martin Lühe

Description of the Project:
Since 1958, the relief organisation MISEREOR has been supporting people through self-help initiatives around the world. In the battle against poverty and injustice, every single euro counts, yet donation fatigue is setting in. How can we remind people that even a small donation can have a big impact in a way that is both entertaining and innovative?
To increase people’s willingness to give, we made the donation process easier than ever and developed an entirely new medium for giving: the Social Swipe – the first interactive donation poster that accepts credit cards.
Although it sounds simple, synchronizing the digital poster with a complex card-verification system was a challenge. In order to be able to synchronise all the operations required for donations, a new software program had to be developed so that the card data could be verified by means of a secure process while being swiped through the poster. This triggers the debiting process without the need for any additional legitimation. It simultaneously activates and controls several successive film sequences:
So the credit card cuts through the image of bound hands of an imprisoned Filipino child, helping him return to a normal life. Another scenario lets the donor give a family in Peru the daily meal: swiping the credit card cuts a slice of bread from a loaf.