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Use of Photography Campaign

Bronze Winner

Entrant: Jung von Matt, Vienna

I Dance Company - Down Syndrome Festival
"Ralf", "Karin", "Sinah", "Sinah", "Karin", "Ralf"

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Corporate Name of Client: I Dance company
Head of Client Services: Beata Vavken
Agency: Jung von Matt, Vienna
Chief Creative Officers: Volkmar Weiss/Andreas Putz
Executive Creative Director: Volkmar Weiss
Copywriter: Roman Miklis
Art Director: Volkmar Weiss
Head of Production: Jörg Günther
Graphic Designer: Josef Faustbeck
Photographer: Jork Weismann

Description of the Project:
Dancing is dreaming with your feet. For the World-Down-Syndrome-Day on 21st March the I Dance company asked to attend their dream of dancing. A dream that should last for three weeks. And bears the significant name Down-Syndrome Festival.
Inspired by the genetic peculiarity “Trisomy 21” we developed a tripartite graphic concept.
What the author Peter Turrini described as “simply dancing away” in the prologue of the festival’s program booklet, we tried to capture in our photographies.