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Use of Illustration Campaign

Silver Winner

Entrant: BBDO/Proximity Singapore, Singapore

"Un", "Deux", "Trois", "Quatre", "Cinq"

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Corporate Name of Client: Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore
Agency Account Supervisor: Joe Braithwaite
Account Manager: Fiona Huang
Advertising Agency: BBDO/Proximity Singapore, Singapore
Chief Creative Officer: Ronald Ng
Group Creative Director: Primus Nair
Creative Director: Yee Wai Khuen
Copywriter: Nikhil Panjwani
Art Director: Gary Lim
Graphic Designer: Gary Lim
Illustrator: Gary Lim
Head of Strategy, Asia: Andy Wilson
Production: Anne Lee

Description of the Project:
In South-east Asia, Guinness Draught is served in select bars frequented by expats & the affluent. To cater to more Guinness drinkers in bars that don’t serve it on tap, Guinness Draught was introduced in a bottle format, Guinness Draught in a Bottle. Also called GDIB. In terms of taste, GDIB was almost identical to the traditional Guinness Draught, but as the ritual of being served a pint is different from that of a bottle, the regulars needed some convincing.
The messaging was kept simple but was brought to life in the visual interpretation. By re-imagining the familiar Guinness pint iconography in the design language of the bottle. With a graphic continuum between bottle and pint we created the illusion of ‘pint in a bottle’. Metallic gold was the contemporary palette of choice and traditional lithography printing was used to allude to the coming together of the old and the new.