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Public Service/Social Welfare

Bronze Winner

Entrant: Publicis Brasil, São Paulo

Fundação Pró-Sangue
"Blood Charger"

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Corporate Name of Client: Fundação Pró-Sangue
Head of Client Services: Blood Bank Public Institution
Client Supervisor: Doris Sandoval Lavorat
Agency Account Director: Gabriela Borges
Media Planner: Iuri Maia
Agency: Publicis Brasil, São Paulo
Worldwide Chief Creative Officer: Erik Vervroegen
Chief Creative Officer: Hugo Rodrigues
Executive Creative Director: Erik Vervroegen
Creative Directors: Hugo Rodrigues/Leo Macias/Kevin Zung
Copywriter: Rafael Barreiros
Art Directors: Leo Macias/Rodrigo Guaxupé
Head of Production: Rita Vilarim/Emerson Russo/Thiago Loureiro
Art Buyers: Selma Momosse/Natália Souza
Photographer: Ricardo Barcellos

Description of the Project:
We needed to find an unusual way to drawn people's attention to the problem of lacking of bloodstocks in hospitals.
The final design came up to recover an clichéd image; the image of someone donating blood. So, to carry out that role, we gave to the people the chance to interact with a transfusion tube and making them realize that that tube could somehow benefit them.
In the first hours, the action had millions of shares in the social medias and was news everywhere around the country. The widespread reaction of the campaign lasted for many weeks. Some posters were strategically placed nearby hospitals in the Sao Paulo metropolitan area.
As a result, a 12% increase on recorded donors was verified on those hospitals located near the posters.