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Art Direction Campaign


Entrant: Ogilvy Germany, Frankfurt

ZMG (Newspaper Marketing Association)
"The Newspaper Effect - USA", "The Newspaper Effect - Russia", "The Newspaper Effect - Italy", "The Newspaper Effect - Europe"

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Corporate Name of Client: ZMG (Newspaper Marketing Association)
Head of Client Services: Markus Ruppe
Agency Account Supervisors: Xenia Kern/Fabio Sanfilippo
Agency: Ogilvy Germany, Frankfurt
Chief Creative Officer: Dr. Stephan Vogel
Executive Creative Director: Matthias Storath
Creative Directors: Nico Ammann/Lothar Müller/Helmut Meyer
Copywriters: Lothar Müller/Jörg Schrod
Art Directors: Nico Ammann/Jawad Saleem/Esra Bueyuekdoganay/
    Asae Tanaka
Graphic Designers: Giuseppe Migliaccio/Nicole Niedziela/
    Christopher Bueers/Annette Schmitt/Constantin Camesasca/
    Nadine Bartsch/Thorsten Buesser
Art Buyer: Magdalena Ignatowski
Illustration Company: Lorenzo Petrantoni, Mailand
Illustrator: Lorenzo Petrantoni
Red Works Production: Peter Belz

Description of the Project:
ZMG, the German Newspaper Marketing Association wanted to show in a print campaign that advertising in newspapers is better than its reputation.
What is the greatest advantage of newspaper ads? Attention! Because newspapers deliver information that captivates us everyday. All the stories and exciting news produced by world affairs focus our attention on the newspaper. Of course ads have an easier job when we are focused on a medium. Like in the newspaper.
Newspaper readers are interested and focused while reading the news. Sooner or later the eye meets one of those nice and colorful ads.
With a unique graphics style the campaign makes the mechanism of newspaper ads visible: All the stories and headlines world affairs produce consequently lead attention the ads.
What happens in the world, happens for your ad.