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Bronze Winner

Entrant: M&C Saatchi Australia, Sydney

Clever Buoy
"Clever Buoy"

Corporate Name of Client: Optus
Agency Account Director: Karlee Weatherstone
Senior Account Executive: Sarah Cunningham
Strategic Planners: Justin Graham/Dan Bye
PR / Marketing: Fuel Communications
Agency: M&C Saatchi Australia, Sydney
Executive Creative Director: Ben Welsh
Creative Directors: Paul Dunne/Ant Larcombe
Copywriter: Jonathan Flannery
Art Director: Paul Gregson
Executive Agency Producer: Mick Perry
Agency Producer: Nikki Marsh
Creative Technologist: James Bush
Design Director: Steve Hanzic
Director: Josh Moore
Technical Director: Roger Chapman
Animation Companies: 60/40, Sydney
Group Innovation Director: Ben Cooper
Project Director: Nadine Frisk
CEO Australia: Jaimes Leggett
Head of Brand & Communication: Nathan Rosenberg
Brand Project Lead: Andrea Darling
Production Company: Shark Mitigation Systems, Perth

Description of the Project:
Optus is Australia’s second largest Telecoms provider. Most people think the number one player has much larger network coverage, when the difference is actually less than one percent. Optus has also recently attained a new satellite that gives much improved coverage around the coast, where 85% of Australians live.
Our task was to change the conversation from the size of the Optus Network, to how amazing it is.
Australia has four times more fatal shark attacks than any other country. Yet our shark defence methods haven’t changed in over 60 years.
• Shark nets - 40% of sharks are caught on the beach side of the nets. The trapping of endangered species is also a major issue.
• Aerial patrols - A recent government-led inquiry revealed they were “expensive and inefficient”. Only one in eight sharks at patrolled beaches are spotted.
• Shark cull - In 2013 the West Australian government sanctioned the culling of all large sharks after 7 people had been killed in the previous 3 years.
What if we could use the power of the Optus Network to protect our beach-goers and our sharks?
A smart ocean buoy that detects sharks and sends instant alerts to lifeguards via the Optus Network.
Traditionally sharks are difficult to detect using Sonar. So we developed a world-first detection method specifically calibrated to hunt for the shark’s unique size, movement and wake. This is how the buoy determines sharks from other large marine life.
Similar to facial recognition technology, the Clever Buoy software becomes more accurate with each confirmed detection, as it learns the tiny intricacies of sharks' swimming patterns.
Once a shark has been detected, a real-time message is transferred via Optus’ Inmarsat satellite to the Lifeguard towers. This data is also shared with scientists and researchers in Google+.
In the first month since launch:
• Social media reach of over 19 million – with an 84% positive sentiment towards the Optus brand.
• Featured in over 485 global news stories.
• Earned PR value of over $3.6 million.
• Optus earned a 92% share of voice in relation to #innovation and #technology compared to other Australian Telco’s on social media.
• The commercial Clever Buoys are now in development, with public rollout currently targeted for November 2014.
Source - Radian6 media report 25th of May; 24th of June.