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Gold Winner

Entrant: Ogilvy & Mather Mexico, Mexico City

Casa de la Amistad
"The Hair Fest"

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Corporate Name of Client: Casa de la Amistad
Client Account Director: Baltasar Madrid
Agency Account Director: Jimena Delgadillo
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Mexico, Mexico City
Chief Creative Officers: Iván Carrasco/Cesar Agost Carreño
Creative Director: David Sánchez Zacarias
Copywriters: Luis Alberto Guerra/Manuel Vega/
    David Sánchez Zacarias/Osiel Diaz
Art Directors: Luis Alberto Guerra/Edson Gonzalez
Agency Producer: Juan Pablo Osio
Production Companies: Plataforma, Mexico City/Circo Films, Mexico City
Director: Hernán Almar
Producers: Aldo Ballesteros/Hugo Kiel/Jaqueline Jourdain
Line Producer: Agustin Gutierrez
Editor: Omar Luna
Audio Engineer: Javier La Valle
Music Performed By: Maligno/Eduardo Carrillo
General Creative Director: Manuel Vega
Project Manager: Magali Fernandez Grossi
Front/End Developer: Jorge Hernández/Axel Caballero
Special Collaboration: Sofia Gomez

Description of the Project:
Casa de la Amistad supports underprivileged children ́s fight against cancer. One way to help this cause is by donating hair. That being the case, the goal was to collect as much hair to make wigs that, in return, help restore the children ́s self-esteem and confidence. The strategy was to talk to an ideal donor that nobody had spoken to: the metalhead, since their hair is more than 25 cm and has no dye. With them in mind, we created The Hair Fest, the first festival where the ticket was hair. The festival played nine Mexican metal bands and lasted 8 hours. The box office sold out within 2 hours of opening.