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Electronic Equipment


Entrant: Cheil Austria, Vienna

"Power Sleep"

Corporate Name of Client: Samsung Electronics Austria
Samsung Chief Marketing Officer : Gregor Almassy
Samsung Senior Manager Global Marketing: Rafael Scislowski
Samsung Communications Specialist: Sandra Vossberg
Samsung Head of Customer Service: Marie Muhr
Samsung Director Global Marketing: Jinny Jung
Head of Client Services: Claus Adams
Client Account Director: Bernd Georgsdorf
Agency Account Director: Kaitlyn WonJung Chang
Account Executive: Tae-jong TJ Kim
Agency: Cheil Austria, Vienna
Executive Creative Director: Wain Choi
Creative Director: Dian Warsosumarto
Copywriter: Jonathan Schröder
Art Director: Mac Wong
Designer: Andra Dehelean
Digital Director: Gregor Paulik
Digital Producer: Phillip Ogunfojuri
App UX/UI Designer : Simon Dorner
Pocket Science, App Developer : Juergen Falb

Description of the Project:
Our smartphones' CPUs are powerful. What if we could donate this processing power to research when we don't use it - to people who really need it? Various platforms of grid computing already exist to support scientific projects. They are heavily 'techie' and difficult for general users to participate, often only accessible through your desktop PC. But grid computing relies on the power of many participants and the sales of PC are going down, while mobile devices are on the up. Power Sleep is an Android app developed for Samsung Austria in cooperation with the University of Vienna. It works like an alarm clock - easy for everyone to understand and to use on smartphones and tablets. By simply setting the alarm, users agree to donate their idle CPU power to research labs, helping them perform scientific calculations. The app starts receiving small data packages (approx. 1 MB), and processes and sends them back until the alarm wakes you up. The mobile device must be connected to WiFi and to a power cord; this makes donating free of charge and ensures your mobile device is ready for your daily usage. Setting an alarm is an integral part of many people's daily sleeping rituals, thus enabling repeat participation for a donation platform like never before. With the help of a single app, smartphone users are now able to do good – easily, and on a daily basis. All while they’re sleeping.