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Public Service/Social Welfare

Silver Winner

Entrant: Ogilvy & Mather India, Mumbai

The Akanksha Foundation
"Message Barter"

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Corporate Name of Client: The Akanksha Foundation
Client Account Director: Hitesh Patel
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather India, Mumbai
Chief Creative Officers: Abjijit Avasthi/Rajiv Rao
Creative Directors: Kiran Antony/Shahrukh Irani
Associate Creative Director: Jigar Fernandes
Copywriters: Jigar Fernandes/Parth Gadhia
Art Directors: Rakesh Jha/Ritwik Pareek/ Shashank Jha

Description of the Project:
Akanksha, an NGO, provides free education for over 5000 underprivileged kids. They needed teachers but didn't have money for advertising. The objective was to increase awareness about their need for teachers.
Akanksha's recruitment drive is aimed at people who are educated and upwardly mobile. Since they are likely to be on social media, we decided to approach them there.
Insight - Can you say 'NO' to kids when they do something cute for you and ask for a small thing in return?
'Message Barter' brought together Akanksha's kids, India's biggest celebrities and millions of their fans together.
Idea/execution - The kids spread promotional messages for celebrities and sent its video to them, asking them to now spread one message in return.
Result - Almost all the celebrities responded and spread the message that Akanksha needs teachers, to millions of their fans. And in doing so, they turned into Akanksha's brand ambassadors, for free.
- Over 18 million people were reached
- Coverage worth almost 1 Mn USD at no cost
- Traffic to Akanksha's website went up 4 times
- Teacher applications went up 2.5 times