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Public Service/Social Welfare

Gold Winner

Entrant: Leo Burnett Tailor Made, São Paulo

ABTO - Brazilian Association of Organ Transplantation
"Bentley Burial"

Corporate Name of Client:
    ABTO - Brazilian Association of Organ Transplantation
Agency Account Director: Pablo Arteaga
Account Executives: Ricardo Forli/Júnior Bottura/Luisa Prado/
    Carolina Younis
Media Planners: Fernando Sales/Daniela Franco/André Massuda/
    Bruno Buosi
Planning Director: Marcello Magalhães
Planner: Tiago Lara
Agency: Leo Burnett Tailor Made, São Paulo
Chief Creative Officer: Marcelo Reis
Executive Creative Director: Guilherme Jahara
Creative Director: Rodrigo Jatene
Copywriter: Christian Fontana
Art Director: Marcelo Rizerio
Agency Producers: Celso Groba/Rafael Messias/Stella Violla
Editors: Paulo Staliano/Gregorio Szalontai/Jack La Noyee/
    Christian Balzano
Executive Production/Events Director: Toninho Ciampolini

Description of the Project:
People are not shocked by the waste in burying organs that could save lives. It’s easier to be shocked by burying a luxury car. To help change that, a very famous and eccentric Brazilian millionaire, Count Chiquinho Scarpa, posted on his Facebook page that he would bury his half a million Dollars Bentley in the yard of his mansion, inspired by the pharaohs who buried their treasures. The impact was huge. People were revolted and the Media strongly criticized the Count’s decision, as expected. But everything changed when the National Organs Donation Campaign was revealed: organ donations increased 31,5% in just 1 month.