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Public Service/Social Welfare

Gold Winner

Entrant: DDB Spain, Madrid

CELEM (European Women´s Lobby)
"Abortion Travel"

Corporate Name of Client: CELEM (European Women´s Lobby)
Client Account Directors: Rosa Escapada Garranchón/
    Soledad Muruaga
Agency Account Supervisor: Mariona cruz
Account Executive: Gabriela Castro
Agency: DDB Spain, Madrid
Chief Creative Officer: Jose María Roca de Viñals
Executive Creative Director: Guillermo Santaisabel
Copywriters: Federico Arce/Fernando Alvarez
Art Director: Cristina Rodriguez
Creative Technologist: Javier Urbaneja
Programmer: Carlos Guerrero
Photographers: Alberto Escudero/Jorge de la Hermosa
Production Company: Tesauro, Madrid
Digital Production Companies: Plug/in

Description of the Project:
On 20 December, the Spanish Government announced that it would be making changes to the current law on abortion. These measures will make the law one of the most restrictive in the world, even prohibiting the termination of a pregnancy in cases where the fetus is malformed. Worldwide media are debating the measures the Spanish Government wishes to take, denouncing them
as an abuse of power. Women in Spain took the streets on a massive scale, but the Government paid them no heed. Our goal was to collect signatures, mobilise people in Spain against the changes to the abortion law, and get them to reopen the debate to prevent the proposed
changes, unthinkable in most countries of the world, from being passed.
To illustrate this reality we created a fictitious agency specialising in arranging trips to have an abortion outside Spain: Abortion Travel, 'the agency that should never exist.'
We opened the physical agency in premises in Madrid with the external appearance and operations of a normal travel agency.
The agency was the campaign's headquarters: a press conference was held there, women were informed about the consequences of the proposed changes to the law, and signatures were directly collected to prevent it being passed.
We expected the physical travel agency to make headlines and collect around 5,000 signatures over the three days it remained open.
The campaign attracted the media's and the public's attention because it highlighted aspects which had not been previously analysed in the debate and the civil protests:
- What it would cost women forced to travel outside Spain to have an abortion (both economic
and emotionally).
- That those who had the resources could continue having abortions despite the law.
- That this situation could be very big business.
By placing the public in the aftermath of what our customer was seeking to prevent, there was a sense of outrage leading to a massive media and public response.
However, its most important aspect was that the campaign reached the Chamber of Deputies, reopening the debate on the proposed changes to the abortion law.
35,000+ signatures on our petition at while the physical agency was open (collecting
thousands more signatures online later on). A hit on national and international media with a ROI of €1,044,103 and an audience of more than 38.5 million people. 3 million impressions on Twitter. In addition, the agency was visited by figures from the worlds of culture and politics. The campaign reached the Spanish Chamber of Deputies,
where parliamentarians and the Vice President of Congress were obliged to address it in statements. We managed to reopen the debate and made the ruling party rethink the law.