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Art Direction Campaign

Bronze Winner

Entrant: Herezie, Paris

"Watermelon", "Cheese", "Salmon"

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Corporate Name of Client: ZWILLING J. A. HENCKELS
Head of Client Services: Nathalie Chabert
Planning Director: Luc Wise
Agency: Herezie, Paris
Executive Creative Director: Andrea Stillacci
Creative Director: Alexander Van Walsum
Copywriters: Jacques Denain/Nicolas Duménil/Alexander Van Walsum
Art Directors: Jacques Denain/Nicolas Duménil
Photographer: Pierre Baelen
Retoucher: La Souris Sur Le Gateau
Art Buyer: Johanna Warlus
Production Assistant: Antoine Gattoni
Production: Thibault Zellner
Food Stylist: Chloé Josso
Production Company: Cléo Productions, Paris

Concept/Cultural Reference:
Purity, beauty and elegance are held in high esteem in Japanese culture. These are the qualities also held high for the Miyabi brand by Zwilling. Inspired by the singularity of the Japanese flag and the purity of the Miyabi knives, we photographed different food for each print. These three visuals recreate the blades of the Miyabi range: the Gyutoh for vegetables, the Yanagiba for fish and the Santoku for cheeses.