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Art Direction Campaign

Silver Winner

Entrant: Ogilvy & Mather, Beijing

Center for Psychological Research

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Corporate Name of Client:
    Center for Psychological Research, Shenyang
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Beijing
Chief Creative Officer: Graham Fink
Executive Creative Directors: Juggi Ramakrishnan/Doug Schiff
Creative Directors: Qi Xingsheng/Wilson Chow/Wang Fei
Copywriters: Juggi Ramakrishnan/Wilson Chow/Guilin Bo/Li Chuyu/
    Doug Schiff
Art Directors: Qi Xingsheng/Xiao Xiaodong/Fu Lei/Li Kaixin/
    Xie Yong/Wang Fei/Soonguan Poh
Agency Producers: Rita Yang/Quetina Yang/Li Jing/Ding Jinfeng
Designers: Xie Yong/Guo Yu/Wan Xing/Wang Tongxue/Lin Wanqiu
Digital Designers: Jason Wee/Didi Shao/Sisi Xing
Animator: Sun Zheng
Video Editor: Morris Ku
Creative Technologist: Eric Wu
Music Producer: Diederik van Middelkoop
Social Lead/Content & KOL Manager: Jeremy Webb/Bob Wang/Ben Xu
Social Plataform Technical Support: Frank Chen

Concept/Cultural Reference:
We first got six juveniles held in the Shenyang Detention Center to open up to us. Their stories poured out of them and we cut together short documentaries. We took the words of abuse and realized that with their many parts, they could possibly turn into the very weapons they used to commit their crimes. So craftsmen and artists transformed the abusive words first into nickel-plated steel. Then we created 3D equivalents and gave them a little weathering, for online use. We then decided to place them in an urban background, perhaps similar to a place where they were often used. And finally we added victims of varying ages to bring the human element and the cold steel of the words and weapons together.