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Poster Campaign

Bronze Winner

Entrant: Dentsu Inc., Tokyo

"The Beautiful Black List 1", "The Beautiful Black List 2", "The Beautiful Black List 3", "The Beautiful Black List 4", "The Beautiful Black List 5"

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Corporate Name of Client: Yoshida Hideo Memorial Foundation/
    Advertising Museum Tokyo
Agency: Dentsu Inc., Tokyo
Executive Creative Director: Yuya Furukawa
Creative Director: Yoshihiro Yagi
Copywriters: Haruko Tsutsui/Nao Sakamoto
Art Director: Yoshihiro Yagi
Design Company: Creative Power Unit, Tokyo
Designers: Minami Otsuka/Daisuke Hatakeyama
Creative Producer: Yoshiko Tomita
Illustrator: Nao Morimi
Typographer: Yoshihiro Ito
Printing Producer: Shinya Tamura

Concept/Cultural Reference:
D&AD is renowned as the most prestigious international design award. Among all the awards presented at the ceremony, ‘Black Pencil’ is the only award bestowed to works that are truly groundbreaking.
Celebrating its 50th anniversary, D&AD exhibited successive Black Pencil works from around the world in Japan. We named those works the ‘Black List’ and executed the total design of the exhibition. The theme is a whale, as we can hardly grasp the entire picture of this gigantic species; its extraordinary power has fascinated the human mind since the dawn of time.
Traveling across the world without boundaries, where will it take us?