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Poster Campaign

Bronze Winner

Entrant: Dentsu Inc., Tokyo

Sanyo Shokai
"Rain", "Snow", "Sun", "Time", "Wind"

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Corporate Name of Client: Sanyo Shokai Ltd.
Agency: Dentsu Inc., Tokyo
Creative Director: Takuma Takasaki
Copywriter: Sotaro Yasumochi
Art Director: Maho Kudo
Designers: Maho Kudo/Wataru Sakamoto/Masato kondo
Illustrator: Hana Akiyama

Concept/Cultural Reference:
A special coat with free repair warranty for one hundred years, developed to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the long established business, Sanyo Shokai. The poster was embroidered with the same thread used for sewing and repairing the “One Hundred Year Coat”. The embroidery thread, measuring over one kilometer, was used and manually finished by a craftsman, taking more than one month to complete.