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Motion Graphics - Animation

Bronze Winner

Entrant: Ogilvy New York, New York

IBM Research
"Ninja Polymers"

Corporate Name of Client: IBM
Client Account Director: Ann Rubin
Agency Account Supervisors: Nicole Vilalte/Kaitlin Giannetti
Agency Account Director: Kimberly Duffy
Account Executives: Maria Barton/Brianne Reedy
Planning Director: Magnus Blair
Strategic Planner: Priya Varadachary
Agency: Ogilvy New York, New York
Chief Creative Officer: Steve Simpson
Group Creative Directors: Mike Hahn/Ryan Blank
Executive Creative Director: Susan Westre
Creative Director: Niels West
Copywriter: Lauren Costa
Art Director: Ramona Todoca
Agency Producers: Lee Weiss/Karl Westman/Alicia Zuluaga/
    Eddie Byrd/Paul Slee/Jess Latour
Animation Company: 1stAveMachine, New York
1stAveMachine Production/Post Production Team: Sam Penfield/
    Nico Casavecchia/Eloi Moli/ Michelle Seidenfrau
Hooligan Editorial Team: Thomas Ostuni/Lauren Basile
Heard City Audio Team: Evan Mangiamele/Jodi Levine/Philip Loeb
Additional Agency Team: Eric Hulsizer/Ellen Zguta/Rob David/
    Justine Herz/Sissi Nie/Stuart Tracte
Production/Post-Production Company: 1stAveMachine, New York
Editorial Company: Hooligan, New York
Audio Mix Company: Heard City, New York
Music Studio Company: Pulse Music, New York

Concept/Cultural Reference:
Our animated film dramatizes the threat posed by Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), a strain of antibiotic-resistant bacteria that kills more than 19,000 people per year in the US. We open in a doctor’s office, where a boy is being examined for a small red bump on the skin. We zoom in to find our “superbug supervillain” MRSA wreaking havoc on his body’s cells. We see a failed assault on the bacterium by methicillin and penicillin (the antibiotic drugs it’s evolved beyond).
When all seems lost, enter IBM’s new invention: “ninja polymers” – nanoparticles that are drawn to MRSA’s electrostatic charge, killing the bacteria before it can cause any more damage.
We close by announcing that IBM is working with drug companies to commercialize the technology.